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Matlou pushed into wilderness

21 July 2014 By Arnold Mabunda
News: A group of ANC members took to Facebook over the last week, to express their frustration at axed Mopani District Municipality (MDM) mayor Joshua Matlou, for allegedly refusing to resign. Sources within the party claimed that Matlou has not yet tendered his resignation as mayor.
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Pavement mechanics moved

21 July 2014
News: Tzaneen’s growing number of pavement mechanics who invaded the Letaba River’s bank in town settled in a new area this week. It is a lot more dust free, will be mud free in summer and could be better organised to make control easier...
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Photo: A motorcyclist cheated death

21 July 2014
News: A motorcyclist cheated death when his motorbike collided with a passenger car near Oasis Lodge in Giyani. According to witnesses, the biker was maybe driving too fast and didn’t see the car making a turn onto the road. The impact of the collision caused the biker to land about twenty metres from the scene. He was later taken to hospital with a broken leg and hand. The driver of the car, a woman in her late 40’s, did not sustain any visible injuries. Giyani Police Insp Thomas Makhubele said a case of reckless and negligent driving has been opened.
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Prime Time and Crime

21 July 2014 By Arnold Mabunda
News: Crime statistics from the police and updates on crime and other news by our own reporters. THIS WEEK: • Criminal involvement • Culpable homicide • Found dead • Murder case postponed • Sigh of relief • Confusion about death • Pensioner’s money stolen • SAPS want to tackle crime in Tzaneen
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Beesmisdam bedreig Letabarivier

21 July 2014
News: ‘n Lywige plaasdam vol beesmis lê langs ‘n systroom by Yamorna en wag vir Tzaneen se reënseisoen om die inhoud van sy buik in die Groter Letabarivier uit te stort. Dit kan ‘n groot gemors afgee en die rivier se reeds besoedelde water verder verswak, maan boere in die omgewing.
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GTM ‘wis nie van rioolstroom’

21 July 2014
News: Tzaneen se munisipaliteit was salig onbewus van die stroom rou riool wat naby Letaba Bricks in die Hamawasharivier vloei en gee aandag aan die probleem.
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Pasop vir dié gladdebek

21 July 2014
News: Bedrieërs se bevolkingsaanwas groei ook in ‘n ontstellende tempo. ‘n “Ou bekende” in Tzaneen is terug in die Laeveld en dié swendelaar teer steeds op die goedgelowigheid van niksvermoedende mense. Hy “werk” onder twee name: Koos Bergman, soms Gert Bergman. Hy is Afrikaanssprekend en slagoffers sê sy stem en manier van praat laat hulle dink hy is tussen vyftig en sestig jaar oud. Maar dit is raaiwerk...
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Councillor becomes DJ

21 July 2014 By Michael Sakuneka
News: A Greater Tzaneen Municipality councillor, Mr Dodo Mushwana, is fast becoming a household name in the local music arena, as he is now ever so often seen spinning the disc at major events in Limpopo. Mushwana, from Nkowankowa, said he decided to develop a love for music about three years ago. He said it helps relieve him of stress. His started his new “music career” when he was invited to DJ during an official opening of the Mzansi Tarven in Nkowankowa, some three years ago. Between then and now he has developed a passion for music “and it is still growing”.
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Photo: Shawela village community blocks Giyani/Phalaborwa road

21 July 2014
News: The community of Shawela village outside Giyani blocked the road linking Giyani and Phalaborwa on Thursday, in protest against the government’s failure to respond to their request for speed breakers on the road. They barricaded the road with logs and rocks and burned tyres. Police later dispersed them. Between 11:00 and 13:00 motorists had to use alternative roads to avoid stone-throwing protesters. The protest evolved after a hit-and-run accident by a speeding car in which a young boy died on the scene and was buried on Sunday by an angry community. Mr David Nkuna, a local resident, said he had lost count on how many people have been killed on this stretch of road. “But they were many. I don’t have the record on hand but we’re losing lives and livestock on this road every now and then because of speeding motorists,” he said.
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Photo: Rotary Clubs amalgamate

21 July 2014
News: After 27 years the two Tzaneen Rotary Clubs amalgamated. The new president for the next term, Mr Neels van der Merwe, was inducted at the occasion in the Letaba Rotary Clubhouse. Seen here are Messrs Dolf Smith, Jacques van Niekerk, Peter Chick, Alan Kenney and Van der Merwe (in front). Smith was awarded the trophy of Rotarian of the Year for outstanding work.
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Tourism boost for local economy

21 July 2014 By Michael Sakuneka
News: The economy of Limpopo is in for a welcome boost when about one thousand new job opportunities will be created through a programme called the Reserve Renewal Project. It was officially launched by Limpopo MEC Seaparo Sekoati at Lekgalameetse, Sekororo.
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