7 Robberies in 7 days

30 December 2016  Read: 775


A robbery a day seems to be the new norm in Tzaneen after seven robberies were recorded in as many days this past week.

According to information received, two suspects were arrested during the burglaries which were all at business premises in, and around, town.

In one instance three self-storage units were burgled in the new industrial area and tools and equipment including welders and grinders were stolen.

There was a break-in at Rymar Auto and Best Electric where the suspect(s) gained access by breaking windows. Electronics were stolen in both instances.

One suspect was arrested after he broke through a display window at a retail outlet in the CSR Mall. He was caught by security personnel as he was attempting to flee through the window with a microwave oven.

Another suspect was arrested by Tzaneen SAPS after he first attempted to break into the Peacemed building but fled when he spotted a security patrol. He was arrested an hour later after he broke into the offices of Stefan van Rensburg Attorneys.

Security companies and the SAPS have urged business owners and the public to remain extra vigilant during this festive period which is synonymous with an increase in crime.




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