Roads worsening daily

14 February 2017  Read: 63


The roads around key areas of Tzaneen are rapidly deteriorating. Potholes and in some cases even trenches in the road surface force motorists to swerve blindly into oncoming traffic and in other instances pull over to the side of the road and wait for cars to pass before continuing on their way. Areas worst affected are the two roads bordering Magic Builders Warehouse (Peace and Messer Streets), the road past Van Velden Hospital’s entrance (Third Avenue), the road passing by Ben Vorster High School (Adshade Street) and section at the lower end of Boundary Street.

Motorists have inundated our offices with complaints regarding the state of the roads and the dangers posed to road-users by the interlink delivery trucks off-loading cement and timber. “These trucks don’t care. They park in the middle of the street, blocking our way in either direction in the mornings during rush-hour traffic while forklifts off-load pallets of cement and timber.”

The areas along Messer Street where these trucks operate, are nearly completely destroyed which has already caused damage to smaller vehicles in the past. “Whenever we complain about it, the management of the stores just brush us off. We lodge complaints to the Traffic department and nothing happens.”
At Van Velden Hospital’s entrance, one lane is completely impassable and motorists are seen queuing daily to avoid oncoming traffic. Taxi’s and ambulances drive on the pavement here.  

This week Bulletin noticed that the hardware store had covered some of the potholes with building rubble in an effort to calm the community. We have not been able to reach them for comment, but will follow up on the issue with the retailers and GTM alike. A follow-up will be published in our next edition.




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