Communities Warned About Cyclone Dineo

15 February 2017  Read: 926


The Mopani District Municipality Disaster Management Centre warns community members to take precautions ahead of the looming tropical cyclone which is looming in the Mopani District.  This after the South African Weather Service issued a strong warning that the Mopani District municipal area will be among those affected by the looming tropical weather cyclone called Dineo. 


As part of disaster management, the district municipality wishes to request community members to take precautions such as avoiding low-lying areas and not to attempt crossing or driving through any roads, rivers or bridges which may be flooded.


The Disaster Management Unit of the Mopani District Municipality has already put together a rapid response team comprised of various first responders who will be stand by to deal with any eventuality emanating from the cyclone. 


In the event of an emergency, community members within the Mopani district are requested to contact the Mopani Emergency Communication Centre at (015) 306-7000 or (015) 307-5555.



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