Johan Potgieter (47) the missionary released on bail yesterday following a charge of attempted murder, reported a house robbery at their Letsitele home during the early hours of this morning.

This was on the same day that he was released on bail in the Ritavi Magistrate’s court where he faced charges of attempted murder for accidentally hitting a passer by in the head with a pellet fired from an air rifle.

“Our dogs sleep inside the house with us, and this morning my wife and I were awoken by their incessant barking,” Potgieter explained. “It was 02:20 and we walked through the house to inspect. At my son’s room we noticed an open window and the curtains pulled outward.”

The couple closed the window, locked the door and sat in their lounge enjoying a cup of coffee and reflecting on his time in jail earlier this week.

Later this morning, he went to the entrance gate to their property to open up for visitors they were expecting, and found that the lock on the gate been cut by what appears to have been a bolt cutter.

Nothing was stolen from the house.

Potgieter said that despite numerous calls to the Letsitele Police station, the phones remain unanswered and no officer had yet been called to the scene.

Fears have been highlighted by friends of the couple that this might be intimidation tactics because of the uproar of his current court case. Potgieter did not comment on this remark, but said that he is glad they are safe.

“This is the sixth break-in at the property we rent on, in the last seven months.”

At the time of this article (10:57am) the police had just arrived at the property.


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