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10 July 2017  Read: 328


On the 1st of July this year, an inspiring short-film will reveal the story of Christine du Preez. The former nurse with a passion for empowering people and sharing knowledge that will improve quality of life among farming communities. Du Preez has set up a health project in Limpopo to spread knowledge about HIV/Aids among farming communities and care for those with the disease.

Farm workers in the northern parts of South Africa represent the highest concentration of HIV/Aids carriers in the country’s workforce with a prevalence rate of 40%.

A former nurse, du Preez is founder and director of the non-profit ‘Hoedspruit Training Trust’ which is dedicated to reducing this alarming statistic. Realising that the only way to curb the transmission of the disease is to increase the spread of knowledge about it, she set up the Hlokomela Health Project to facilitate the support and education of labourers and their families. Over more than a decade since, the clinic has saved thousands of lives.

She provides migrant and residential farm workers in rural areas in South Africa, with a set of on-site integrated health solutions, employing a peer-to-peer caregiving structure that reinforces behaviour change towards a positive lifestyle. This is done in parallel to the building of a working environment that is conducive to the acceptance of their health condition, both by their peers and their employers.

“I want to create a culture of caring that empowers all people,” says du Preez. For her, that includes prioritising the one in 10 South Africans living with HIV/Aids. To develop a project that could be sustained, du Preez trained women from the area as caretakers who could spread hope in their villages. By tending to those who have the disease and educating the community to prevent its spread, the Hlokomela clinic is bringing dignity and quality of life to Hoedspruit.

Watch her short-film on 01 July 2017 at 4.14pm on Beautiful News at www.beautifulnews.co.za.
For any further information on the project, please visit the website above and be sure to tune in for the broadcast.



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