GTM pays only after equipment is attached

17 July 2017  Read: 108


The salary dispute that caused a stir at the offices of the GTM a month ago, has cost the municipality dearly. On Wednesday morning at 10:00 the Sheriff of the court once again stopped by to execute a warrant.

This time, instead of collecting the mayor’s vehicle, his team walked into the building and started disconnecting computer equipment. They loaded computers, screens, flat screen television sets, printers, copiers and faxes onto a delivery truck in full view of GTM staff, management and clients.

Onlookers giggled loudly and one man shouted, “yes that’s right, load all their stuff and maybe then they’ll stop their corruption!” The property was attached in execution of a warrant for a total of R196 000 owed by the GTM to the security company, Mapheto Business Services (MBS) for outstanding salaries to their security officers.

According to information, MBS has a three year working contract with the municipality to supply security services such as access control and guarding patrols. The workers downed tools in June because they had not been paid for four months. The company employs close on 150 security officers.

On the 27th of May a meeting was called between Peter Sedutla, the owner of MBS and GTM Mayor, Maripe Mangena. According to MBS, Mangena promised that the salaries would be paid two days later, on the 29th of May. When that did not happen, the workers staged a sit-down on the 7th of June on the doorstep of the GTM and refused any employee access to the building.

As is customary with the GTM, the amount was paid in full an hour after the Sheriff attached the goods and the equipment was returned to the municipal offices. “We paid them and we got our equipment back,” confirmed Neville Ndlala, GTM spokesperson. He also confirmed the amount attached to the warrant.

This latest drama has raised the question as to why extreme measures need to be implemented before the GTM pay their suppliers. Some members of the community commented over social media that this trend proves that the GTM has the money to pay, but for some reason always delay to do so until they are dragged into court.

A video of the drama at the GTM can be viewed here.

To watch the sheriff attach the mayor's vehicle click here.



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