Call to end Radicalism in South Africa

16 September 2017  Read: 73


“The time has come for radicalism in all its forms to be eradicated, with South African citizens being allowed to experience freedom within a de-radicalised society as offered by the Constitution. Recently the media have reported on various racist incidents that are not conducive to nation building, but instead divide communities,” said Agri SA President Johannes Möller.

“Our country and its people need a society where their right to life is respected and where all people are deemed equally important. I call today on all South Africans to condemn violent crime and racism in all its forms and, in community context, to reach out to make the country a better place where everyone can live together in peace and harmony, said Möller”.

Members of the agricultural community have recently also not escaped acts of violence, such as farm attacks and inflammatory utterances regarding land invasions. The media on a daily basis report on violence against fellow citizens and the accompanying trauma that victims suffer. These actions have no place in a democratic country where human rights enjoy high priority. Leaders in society have a responsibility to stand together and create a climate of tolerance and to condemn violence in all its forms.

Agriculture remains one of the country’s major assets and should be developed as an attractive career for young entrants. This is only possible if farmers and farm workers are able to farm in safety, without the threat of radicalism.

“It is correct that the Minister of Police condemns racism, but we find it strange that he does not condemn the brutal murdering of and assault on members of the farming community,” said Möller.
Möller also called on leaders to refrain from making inflammatory and extremist statements that give rise to violence against the farming community. Utterances of this nature are usually accompanied by emotion which in turn leads to incorrect perceptions of people and could promote racist acts.

It is important to note that criminal elements are present everywhere in society and that inflammatory utterances could serve as motivation to commit a crime. Therefore, all leaders have a responsibility to make statements with great circumspection and not to encourage their supporters to commit acts of violence.
— AgriSA Press Room



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