Sequoia – take what you need

18 September 2017  Read: 49


It’s certainly not what you expect when you first drive through the gates that lead to the little piece of Bohemia nestled in among the indigenous gardens of the Sequoia Garden Retreat. At first glance one assumes to be greeted with another of the many guest lodges scattered across the mountain outside Haenertsburg.

But, then you take a stroll through the diverse plantations, past the bee hives, across the quaint wooden bridge that blankets the bass pond and into one of three azalea maze walks that lead you up the hillside. And suddenly that assumption is shattered.

This place literally whispers “calm down and just breathe me in.” Standing on the hillside overlooking the vast expanse of botanical beauty you are surrounded by serenity. Three romantic cottages peer back at you through the colourful blossoms on the other side of the pond while a mountain biking trail to the left beckons your free spirited self to follow its winding curves into the Dawn Redwood forest. Sequoia Garden Retreat wants to be explored.

With many plans for the future development of this mystical hideaway, couples will soon be able to enjoy an outdoor wedding among the blossoms. Intimate outdoor camping and picnic gatherings with possible live entertainment and even an outdoor movie night, are also on the cards.

For more information on arguably one of the more exciting venues in the Limpopo province, visit or check out their Facebook page. Alternatively, treat your senses and drive up to Sequoia and meet the young couple fuelling the growth of not just the surrounding flora, but the offerings of this beautiful place. You’ll find them just a kilometre down the road from Cheerio Gardens along the “L” Road as you head towards Haenertsburg.




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