No deaths after accident

10 October 2017  Read: 74


This week started off badly for fifteen passengers of a minibus taxi which overturned between Modjadjiskloof and Tzaneen on Monday afternoon. According to eye witnesses, the taxi was travelling towards Modjadjiskloof from Tzaneen when it suddenly started swerving out of control.

“We were driving just behind the taxi,” said one witness, “as we approached the bridge before Wesfalia, we saw the back tyre burst and the vehicle swerved out of control before it started to roll.”

Thankfully, the barriers along the side of the road prevented the minibus from leaving the road and dropping down the 20 metre gorge beneath the bridge. There were fifteen passengers on-board, including the taxi driver. Nobody was killed in the accident and remarkably only four passengers suffered some injuries. The injured were treated by paramedics of the ER24 team who arrived on the scene literally within minutes after the accident.

Traffic officer from Modjadjiskloof responded swiftly and managed the traffic in the area with the highest efficiency insuring that the paramedics could assist their patients in safety.

Bulletin spoke to the owner of the taxi who also arrived at the scene. “I am just thankful that there were no fatalities and that everyone was seen to in time. We will now have a look at the cause of the crash and try and prevent it from happening in the future. It is very sad and I feel terribly sorry for the passengers.”

An hour later, the road had been cleared and traffic continued as usual. The injured were transported to nearby hospitals and the wreckage towed away. At the time of going to print it was not clear whether a case of reckless and negligent driving had been opened by the SAPS.



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