The day we stood united

07 November 2017  Read: 318


When more than a thousand people gathered in the centre of Tzaneen’s driving range on Monday afternoon, something remarkable happened. “For that moment we were truly one community standing united, side-by-side for the greater cause. What we achieved there on Monday evening superseded a protest march against farm attacks. It was a desperate call by people from all walks of life for peace in our country, regardless of race, colour or creed. We won our community back.”

The #BlackMonday campaign was organised in various municipalities across the country, not to raise awareness around the high murder rate and the increase in farm attacks, but to force the government to listen and react. “We don’t need awareness campaigns, everyone is aware of the problem, we need action. This is what was behind BlackMonday.”

South Africa suffered a total of 19 016 murders during the past year. That equates to 52 deaths at the hands of violent criminals per day, making South Africa the 136th least peaceful country in the world according to the Economics and Peace (IEP) Global Peace Index. According to the IEP, the total economic impact of violence containment in the country is R830 billion, R15,656 per person. This is the 33rd highest cost of all 162 countries covered by the researchers.

When it comes to societal safety and security, South Africa ranks as the 15th worst country in the world, and the 8th most violent with a murder rate of 52 per 100,000 people. These are the latest figures from the previous year and may very well change when the new numbers are updated.

“We know that one day of action is by no means the way forward and will most probably not have a very big impact, but it is a start to something bigger. It proves that the safety concerns of the people of this country stretches across the entire demographic. Crime knows no colour – neither does love.”

Watch the spectacular video footage of the #BlackMonday gathering on our website at or visit our Facebook page for more images and footage from earlier that afternoon.



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