R1,5m Khujwana budget adopted

06 December 2017  Read: 69


Parents at Khujwana primary school were elated when a unanimous decision was reached with the presentation of the school’s budget framework totalling R 1 593 250 00 for the upcoming academic year. The budget was followed by an audit report for the school.

Though some were not satisfied with the presentation, thinking the books might have been cooked before being presented, it did not take long before a consensus could be reached regarding the budget for the school. The meeting that was well attended and took place at the school assembly point in the early hours of Sunday morning. It culminated with the election of the new School Governing Body (SGB).
In his presentation, the headmaster of the school, Mr NK Khosa, said that parents need to participate during the formulation of the budget as it is in line with the provisions of the South African Schools Act (SASA) and the parents of children need to give consent before the budget framework can be submitted to the department of Basic Education before funds could be allocated.

He started by saying that the balance brought forward from the previous financial year stood at R400 000. The school is expecting to receive the sum of R 1,6m despite the fact that the school has no means of income other than donations, grants and contributions from parents for school tours.

Khosa, supported by members of the school governing body, broke down the budget of the school as follows- R 955 950 00 will be utilised for curriculum needs which include Educational media resources, such as TV`s, projectors, science kits, stationery, educator and learner materials, repairs and maintenance of windows and development for educators, learner and teachers and sundries that include petty cash and others. This is 60% of the money so far.

Ablution facilities will be allocated R 127 460 00 which can be utilised as follows, the erection of toilets if a need arise, speeding digestion by buying chemicals, emptying of septic tanks as well as cleaning services for the toilets. This is 8% of the budget. R79 662 50 is budgeted for transport for the procurement of services and hiring transport in case a need arise that commodities be moved from one spot to another. This is 5% of the loot.

Khosa further said that sports and music has been allocated 10% totalling R 159 325 00 and is expected to be used for affiliation fees, transport for the learners to the venues as well as equipment for the sporting codes, catering, facilities and accommodation. The sum of R 270 852 00 totalling 17% has been earmarked for the general administration of the school which entails gardening and landscaping, security services, office stationery and others.

According to Khosa the other funds totalling R72 000 00 will go towards food handling that includes the purchase of fuel and other amenities needed for the school nutrition programme.
Khosa added that after the budget had been presented, two parents should provide their signatures that will be added with those of the treasurer and the chairperson of the SGB coupled with that of the headmaster and the auditor for the school. The headmaster also read the contents of the auditors’ report, a copy of which the Bulletin is in possession of together with the budget  presentation.
— Monna Litaba



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