Read and guide our future

13 February 2018  Read: 74


Why is fifteen minutes so important that it deserves a national, nay international, campaign? Because if every parent read only fifteen minutes aloud to their infant and toddler each day, it would quite literally (pun intended) change face of education in the country in the future.

In light of this initiative, the Letsitele library participated in this year’s initiative. The “Read Aloud Day” was on the 1st of February this year and was championed by the Nal’ibali organisation. The organisation aims to ignite curiosity and spark children’s potential through storytelling and frequent reading. Their mission statement is in the their name as Nal’ibali  is the traditional isiXhosa word for “here’s the story”.

This year all participants were requested to read a story titled “The final minute” by Zukiswa Wanner to the children. Mrs Ouma Kheswa and Ms Johanna Zitha from Letsitele library visited Arise Pre-school English Medium to read the story to the learners.




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