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10 April 2018  Read: 150


“It’s simple. We supply the products and the tools to install them” were Jacques de Beer’s words when summing up the business.  Crusader Technologies are supplies of a wide range of CCTV camera’s, alarms systems and tools, ranging from professional tools through to your cheaper DIY tools.  Crusader Technologies have recently acquired their Nemtek, electric fencing products, and have other distributorships as well.  With all this in mind it is clear that their philosophy goes much deeper than products and tools.

Jacques has a passion for innovative technology, staying on trend with all the latest security systems, willing to put many to the test himself, thus believing in each product that they sell.  For example, Nemtek offers a large range of electric fencing products, from a small PetShop kit to an impressive range specifically suited to agriculture, equine and game farming.  The battery back-up or solar options, detecting feature to monitor breaks in the fence and a colour specific equine range are only a few of the features which make this product a “pioneer in its field.”   Crusader also stocks products and alarms that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device, advanced cameras such as the PTZ and a pepper spray alarm system; and toolkits that are incredible value for money and quality you will not find in a general store.  

The ‘other half’ of this family-owned and managed business has a passion for excellent service and goes the extra mile when advising on systems that would best suit specific needs, with an after sales service to match.  Crusader Technology strongly believes in offering the full package, with their service agreement packages that offer maintenance on systems and greatly discounted rates for installers.  Sally de Beer, who runs the shop, says that for them it goes beyond reaching a target but sleeping well at night knowing their customers are sleeping safely, with peace of mind as well.   “This is where the early warning systems come in.  Making an informed decision on how to react if someone has entered your house if you are not around and keeping all safe from the physical dangers that can be encountered.”  

“With us your system is not just another product directly bought off the shelf, where you are left to your own devices to figure it all out.”  Crusader Technologies offers advice based on a client’s needs, from residential and commercial right through to agriculture.  Offering kits that are very affordable, yet not compromising on quality brings Crusader Technologies closer to achieving their goals of providing systems to protect to all.



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