Books arrive to help raise funds

16 April 2018  Read: 90


Container-loads of books were delivered to the Letaba SPCA earlier this year as a donation from Haenertsburg Rotary Club. The containers were received from a donor organization in Canada and were a bit of a lucky packet of sorts, as nobody was really ever sure of exactly what these containers contained. One container which arrived a little earlier last year, contained pianos. Another was filled to the brim with educational text books. This, third container, similarly was said to contain an even bigger load of tomes of wisdom.

These books ranged from text books destined for classrooms to novels penned by some of the most applauded word smiths of our time. After lengthy planning and deliberation, the Letaba SPCA decided upon Sunday morning, last week, as the date to break open the container and begin the arduous business of unloading the precious cargo onto a transport truck. The truck, dri-ven by designated Rotarian chauffer, Bernard van den Dool, then delivered the books to the Rotarian warehouse in town where the equally laborious task of sorting the books alphabetically and by category will start.

With the help of the Warriors from up the Kloof, members of the Round Table and SPCA Staff, the stacks of books were moved from container to truck. The massive project kicked off at 09:00 that morning and by late afternoon the last of the pallets had been relocated to the warehouse.

“Once the books have all been categorized we will invite the schools from the area to come and collect the textbooks they can utilize. The novels we will sell to raise much needed funds for the Letaba SPCA which will be put to good use in the upgrading and general maintenance of our kennels,” explained Tracey van den Dool. “We have big plans for the containers too which will include converting them into quarters to house a surgery, an information centre and a storage facility for our food and other supplies.”



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