Glenshiel School gets a facelift

15 May 2018  Read: 142


A Bulletin article late last year highlighted the state of Glenshiel Primary School outside Haenertsburg. Powerhouse couple Marion and Eric de Jonge had galvanised locals and had found sponsorship in Europe for necessary purchases, construction and various upgrades.

The Limpopo Department of Education as well as Haenertsburg Rotary began contributing meaningfully. The roof of the main house, once a farmhouse, and the supporting columns were fixed. The roof was extended to form a verandah. The children are now seated at mealtimes on the shady verandah. Two new portable wood-fired stoves cater for their nutritional needs. The stoves are moved inside when not in use. A dual sink has also been installed on the verandah. This area is still incomplete and the additional features are in the pipeline.

Marion says, “Family from Johannesburg came for a weekend to repaint the tired murals.” She says that the children returned to school, after the recent holidays, and were delighted with the revamp. Marion and Eric are currently buying school shoes and socks for winter for the needy.

The existing long drops will be removed as soon as the new ones are completed. The jungle gym, donated by Appleby College from Canada, has been temporarily stored and will be re-erected at the soon-to-be-no-longer-functioning long drop site. All windows have been fixed, the classrooms have been repainted and desks and chairs have been purchased.



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