Timac Agro South Africa is the South African representative of the French based company, Groupe Roullier.  Since 1959, Groupe Roullier has been meeting the needs of growers and breeders globally.  
Timac AGRO South Africa has become an organization that farmers trust for their guidance and expertise in agronomy and animal nutrition, with the core of their business being providing their clients with best possible return on investment, by matching tailor-made solutions to their clients’ agricultural needs, such as specifics relating to their crops, climate, soil composition and water availability.  This is achieved by covering the full spectrum of plant and animal nutrition, including single-granule fertilizers with precise agronomic formulas and engineered “specificities” unique to the organization.

This their clients can confirm.  With clients such as Allesbeste Avocado Nursery and Willamien Roettgers from Campiesglen, there is definitely proven success in Timac AGRO’s unique approach to matching the exact product with the correct frequency to the unique needs of every client.

Allesbeste had Timac’s Fertiactyl GZ added to their nursery on different stages of growth to see if it the product would be beneficial to them.  The product increases root development and improves soil exploration whilst improving the feeding capabilities of the plant by mobilizing nutrients in the soil.  It promotes the uptake of all elements for improved function of chloroplasts, resulting in improved growth and reserve building.  It aids the plant in coping under stress conditions by managing turgor pressure in plant cells whilst strengthening the natural defense system of the plant.

The end result was that Fertiactyl stimulated the roots to the point that the timeframe of seedling to tree ready for sale was reduced by 2 months.

On the macadamia side Willamien Roettgers of Campiesglen came on board.  After supplying Timac with her leaf analysis, it was sent to various agri laboratories.  Programmes were developed based on the results, and the programme best suited to Willamien’s agri needs was selected.  This programme was followed rigorously with great results.

Her A4 macadamia trees were placed on Timac’s D-Coder single-granular fertilizer.  Her 2 year 10 month old trees yielded 400kg/ha with 40.84% crack-out.  D-Coder protects it’s nutriens against leaching, fixation, volatilization and retrogadation.  It interprets plant root signals in the form of root exudates and releases its contained nutrients as required by the plant. It amplifies as activity in the rhizosphere is stimulated, improving plant-microbial interaction, organic matter mineralization and nutrient availability whilst maximizing root growth.  D-Coder also contains a water-soluble nutrient fraction to supply the demand of initial growth phases.

Timac is extremely excited about the results with both Allesbeste and Campiesglen, and the team is looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with both these farms.




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