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10 July 2018  Read: 318


What is more important than adequate fencing to protect your livestock? Well besides quality and reliability, you have to factor in expertise and technical backup from a trusted supplier. Enter CWI – Consolidated Wire Industries – who have been manufacturing premium mild steel wire and related products since after the second World War  in 1949.

Its manufacturing plant situated in Vanderbijlpark has been operational since the early 1950s and employs in excess of 400 permanent employees. There are five branches around the country including, Polokwane, Vanderbijlpark, Cape Town, Durban and East London.

CWI Products conform to national and international specifications and are sold in various countries around the world. One of their most exciting offering is their trademarked product named Game King Veldspan.

Game King Veldspan is an all-in-one fencing solution to keep your game IN and predators OUT. It is cost effective and easy to erect. Game King Veldspan is constructed from 16 high tensile straining wires, of which the top and bottom wires are 3.06 mm in diameter, and the other 14 wires 2.24 mm in diameter.

The vertical stay wires are spaced as follows: Up to 990 mm – 75 mm apart from 990 mm to 2 410 mm – 150 mm or 300 mm apart and are only available in 50m Heavy Galvanized rolls. With Game king Veldspan your nights are sure to be more peaceful in the knowledge that your beloved game will rest as easy as you after a long hard day in field.

Besides breakthrough fencing solutions, CWI also have a range of other products on offer. These include a range of farm gates, auction gates, posts, stays, grapple and binding wire. They also supply barbed wire, steel wire, fencing equipment and tools, and for the complete fencing solution they even supply razor wire.

So the next time you upgrade your perimeter, be sure to contact the Polokwane branch for quotations and information on the range of fencing products available on 015 297 3593 or visit them at 15 Sixth Street, Industria, Polokwane.



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