DuxAgri showcase at Junction

12 July 2018  Read: 513


The DuxAgri Roadshow hit the Junction at Letsitele on the 22nd of May this year. DuxAgri, established by Charlie Bender five years ago, is an innovative agricultural technologies company based in South Africa which provide ways to growers to drastically improve plant growth and crop yields.

During the demonstrations on the day, Frans Kruger from DuxAgri, shared his views and results from trials done at Allesbeste using products Messenger and Myconate on Avocado’s. Asfertglobal launched a new biological and organic solution, with a first ever systemic copper in South Africa on tree crops and vegetables. Werner Van Der Nest discussed this new range, and its effectiveness with the local farmers.

Special guest speaker on the day was Angel Marin, a director of Plant Health Care SA who shared some of the latest news and information on the new bio-stimulants used around the world to assist in tree crops and vegetables’ ability to handle water stress and increase yielding potential.



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