The Captain rises to her work challenges

11 July 2018  Read: 241


Captain Martha Molokwane (54) from the Haenertsburg police station says that her biggest challenge since she took up her position five months ago is reaching places because of the mountains and the bad roads. The SAPS has a huge area with which it deals and it’s often difficult getting to areas of crisis. She has a staff of 35 and this includes the clerks.

The captain was born in Seshego and joined the police force at the age of 23. Her biggest challenge, prior to Haenertsburg, was being the commander of the foot patrol in Tzaneen.  Focus not to drive but to walk the hot trouble spots like the CBD.

The captain says, “We did the foot patrols from 2009-2011 and apprehended a lot of people. The Tzaneen business community appreciated this so much that they held a braai for us.”

Referring to the Haenertsburg area the captain says, “Break-ins have decreased for the month of June. We still have a problem with illegal immigrants and farmers need to co-operate with us in rooting out this problem and need to come forward with information.  People can contact either me or Hans van Schalkwyk from HNW (Haenertsburg Neighbourhood Watch).”

“As far as the Rina van Langenhoven murder case is concerned the feedback from the High Court is still pending as the public prosecutor wants a review. As far as the Paul Geldenhuys GBH case is concerned, the investigating officer was charged with getting the doctor to conduct another postmortem. The doctor’s new statement is now with the relevant authority in Pretoria awaiting reconsideration.”

Geldenhuys (35) was assaulted by four men outside the Iron Crown Pub and Bistro in Haenertsburg on the night of Friday 4th March 2016. He died on Tuesday 22nd March 2016, leaving behind two young sons.

“As far as the recent physical altercation involving two Phalaborwa men against two locals at the Pot and Plow is concerned, the pub owner received a summons. It is the duty of the liquor licence holder to escort unruly drunks out of the establishment before a fight ensues.”



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