Attorney addresses Glenshiel Hotel

16 July 2018  Read: 1130


Mr Pieter-Willie Becker from Becker Attorneys in Polokwane has answered questions on behalf of the owners of the once jewel of the Limpopo - Glenshiel Hotel. The statement says Julius Malema from the EFF is not at all involved in the Hotel. Rumours about this can now be put to rest.  The Hotel will also retain its name.

The razor wire at the entrance to the Hotel is necessary as the client has had several thefts on the property.  The SAPS was again at the site to investigate another theft recently.  The attorney stated that residents should be patient with the development. It will not only exceed expectations and once again become a landmark in the area, but it will also be run and managed by a reputable management company.

It will reopen as a boutique hotel and the existing structure will be renovated. Additional structures will be additional rooms, a wedding venue and a chapel. Renovations and construction will begin as soon as the building plans are approved and a contractor has been appointed by the funders.

The attorney confirmed that the Environmental Authorisation was received from the relevant provincial department. He also noted that they were aware of the reputational damage to Glenshiel when it was acquired. Therefore the renovations will be conducted on the property to restore Glenshiel to its former glory.

The rumour that stand-alone dwellings are to be build and then sold to individuals is not true.  Given the magnitude of the development, the construction period is envisaged to be approximately 14 months.  It was confirmed that temporary staff was laid off in April 2017, but permanent staff is still on the payroll, utilised elsewhere.



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