UPDATE 2: Two dead in Palabora inferno

15 July 2018  Read: 3114


Palabora Copper (better known as PMC) has issued a press release wherein they claim that two of their employees lost their lives in a fire in their underground operations.

There are still four miners trapped underground as the smoke and heat of the fire has made it very difficult and extremely dangerous for the Proto Teams to enter the shaft. The fire started at Conveyor 5 during the early hours of this morning.

Officials from the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) are joined by mine management at the site and will be conducting investigations into the exact cause of the fire. Speculations have made the rounds, but at this stage we feel that it would be insensitive to discuss those details in light of the tragedy.

“Given  the  sensitivity  of  the  matter,  we  are  unable  to  provide  additional  details  as  we  are  in  contact  with the  families  of  our  employees  who  have  lost  lives  and  those  that  are  confined  underground,” said Lydia Radebe, Head of Communications at Palabora Copper.



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