UPDATE 4: PMC confirms five fatalities after inferno

15 July 2018  Read: 5390


One miner is still presumed alive following the devastating fire that killed five of his colleagues at the Palabora Copper (PMC) mine in Phalaborwa today.

Rescue teams are still hard at work as they attempt to locate and extract the final miner. It is not certain at this stage whether the teams have made contact with this person, but rescue teams are still on site.

"Given the sensitivity of the matter and the fact that we have just informed the next of kin, we are unable to provide names of the deceased colleagues as it is too soon for the families and we wish to allow them time to process the loss of our beloved colleagues. Once we are satisfied that close kin members would have informed extended family members we will issue another media statement with the full details," said Lydia Radebe, Communication manager at Palabora Copper.

"The management, rescue team, officials from DMR and organised labour continue to work hard to rescue our one (1) colleague who is still confined underground. More information will be
shared with the media as the investigation unfolds," read the official press statement received a few moments ago.



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