Patients fear for lives at Lesedi clinic

08 August 2018  Read: 120


Scores of patients who frequent the Lesedi government clinic at Lephepane settlement in the Thlabine area, said they always fear for their lives when they visit the dilapidated centre as thugs from the area could peep through the cracks in the perimeter walls and watch the patients from the outside. Though the matter was even reported to the Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, so far nothing has been done.

Lephepane Clinic Committee chairperson, Mpapa Rakgoale, told Bulletin that the community is tired of talking about “that debris called the Lesedi clinic” that has even caused the traditional doctors sleepless nights. The problem began as far back as 2013 because the clinic, which also serves as the satellite police station for the Ritavi police, was built about twenty years ago.

“We took the pictures of the place and also solicited assistance from the department of health in the province, but the situation remains the same. Dr Phophi Ramathuba also visited the clinic to see for herself but since she was not a builder, she could not help. Ramathuba promised the community that she will send a contractor to renovate the clinic and to date residents are still waiting for those renovations,” Rakgoale said.

“I attended the briefing to the MEC about these bad conditions the centre found itself in. She could not enter the clinic herself, saying she was afraid of the snakes. We vehemently opposed her proposal to renovate and pleaded with her to build us a new clinic. What the department and their communicators say in the media is not the true reflection of the situation in the area. Even to date we are still waiting.”
Matome Mokgoloboto, a resident from the area who currently resides in Gauteng, said that the state the clinic found itself in is not acceptable at all. He said he could not believe his eyes when he visited the centre during the Easter holidays. According to him, when he asked community members why no action was taken he was referred to the clinic committee who could not give him the right answers.

Spokesperson for the Health Department, Neil Shikwambana could not be reached for comment. His cellphone is always on voicemail when called. Ramathuba also could not be reached for comment.

— Jan Mafetsa



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