A trail worth walking

08 August 2018  Read: 288


It was a chilly, crisp winter morning when Haenertsburg hiker Sandi Moore set off on the Louis Changuion trail with a less than fit 60-something-year-old. With a borrowed hiking stick, a dark blue Discovery peak-hat and sturdy Nike takkies, the pair set off with trusty and stick-to-your-human canine companion TinTin.

The Louis Changuion trail is named after Professor Louis Changuion, the local historian and book publisher, who is also an avid hiker. Louis actually fashioned the trail that starts in the village and meanders through incredible beauty for some 12 kms. Various spots along the way are named after prominent locals like Patrick McGaffin, Sally Nienaber and others.  

Not much other than a lone aloe was in flower. Spring time, after a little rain, is probably the best time to view indigenous flora. Controlled burning of the grasslands had just happened, so the earth was blackened and scorched in many areas.

There are several options on the walk making it shorter or longer depending on the time available to the hiker. There are some steep steps to negotiate without railings. Should potential hikers have an issue with steps please bring along a hiking stick.

The trail meanders through some stunning patches of indigenous forest. There’s a wooden table and benches deep in the forest. Unpack your backpack, sip on a bottle of water and eat nourishing snacks to see you through the rest of the hike. Please bring a plastic bag for your litter as there are no refuse bins along the way. Also, if you are walking with your dogs please consider a poop scoop to pick up the landmines.

There are views of the surrounding mountains and the grasslands are one of the unique features of the area. The trail, an easy four hour walk, loops back to the village. Once in the village there are several restaurants where one can pop in for a substantial and reasonable lunch.

Should you wish to go on this trail or any of the other trails in the area, Sandi is your go to person. She can be contacted by email at mistymountainvillage@gmail.com



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