Hot beans finally went nowhere

14 August 2018  Read: 123


Residents of Segabeng village in Thabine area are happy after attempts to sell their only soccer sports ground failed. This after the traditional authority gave an order that the grounds not be sold to anyone .The sports grounds, which are used by the community for mass gatherings such as the reception of initiates from the mountain schools, and also serve as the playground for the local high school children, was to be sold to a church pastor from Lenyenye.

The matter raised protests from soccer-lovers and the general community three months ago after a big marquee tent was pinned in the centre of the grounds. The community was told that the sports facility would be moved to the government farm nearby.

Soccer promoter in the village and former player in the village Patrick Pilusa, told Bulletin that the community is now happy now that finally the local traditional committee came to their senses and abandoned their decision to sell the facility.

“Truth be told, we feel relieved that at last the sports facility would go nowhere. It is concerning that the headman said there were people who approached him to ask that the facility be converted into a church. I would like to thank the community members who spoke out when there were attempts to sell the facility which is seen as a symbol of heritage in the community.”

Pilusa went on to say he is not apologetic about having blown the whistle. Approached for comment, the secretary for the village committee Setemere Sakuneka, said that the matter had been put to rest.

 — Jan Mafetsa



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