Mysterious speedbumps claim truck

18 August 2018  Read: 168


A truck, carrying a very large citrus shipment capsized along the Bushvalley Road on Wednesday morning after it hit four massive new speedbumps on that section of the road. The speedbumps were suddenly erected near Bushvalley Chickens by an unknown contractor sometime during last week. Though the GTM has denied that the road falls under their jurisdiction, a witness said that the men constructing the humps were wearing orange overalls – indicative of GTM employees.

SANRAL has denied that the road falls under their management and at the time of going to print yesterday, we failed to make contact with the ever-absent liaison department of the Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL). Our sources at the scene did however quote one of the traffic officials as stating that the road “belongs to the Tzaneen municipality.”

Since the construction of the mysterious speedbumps it is reported that close to 50 vehicles have suffered significant damages to their undercarriages. This is as a result of the humps not being erected according to national specifications, not being marked and there being no warning signs anywhere near them to indicate their existence.

Following a number of complaints by members of the community in that area, including a number of farmers from the area, the speedbumps were demolished, only to be rebuilt a day or so later. In fact, earlier this week we received a report that the speedbumps were being marked by a road marking crew in orange overalls.

The spokesperson for the GTM, Neville Ndlala has said that he will investigate the matter and give us feedback in time for our next publication. At this stage it remains a mystery as to who is responsible for the destructive humps, or their legality. As far it is understood, speedbumps may not be erected on national roads.



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