Granny robbed at ATM

09 October 2018  Read: 130


Pandemonium broke out in Magistrate Street near the police station in Lenyenye township after a pensioner who was trying to withdraw her money from an ATM, was left empty handed when a would-be helper fled after the money was withdrawn from the machine. The old lady who was collecting her monthly social grant broke into tears.

According to an eye witness, as it was normal pension pay-out time, the lady who resides in one of the rural villages around Lenyenye, was collecting the money at an ATM, when she asked a man nearby to assist her.

The unsuspecting granny called the young man to assist her. After the money was withdrawn however, the boy ran into the crowds and disappeared. The incident prompted community leaders in the area to issue an alert to the other pensioners who were to receive their grants the following day.

Another resident has accused the victim of being negligent by allowing a stranger to assist instead of taking along members of their families to the ATM. “Seeing someone dressed in a uniform does not mean that person is holy or is a messiah especially where money is involved.“ Another resident, Errence Mabela advised ATM users should ask the security officers instead of just passengers.

The police could not be reached to confirm if a case was opened at their charge office which is just 200 meters from the scene of the robbery. Residents have also alerted each other on the spate of crimes which are going to be motivated by the mango season now open to the public. During this time people break into yards and farms to steal green mangoes which are sold to atchar factories for cash.




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