Five new stop signs for Tzaneen

15 October 2018  Read: 398


In an effort to alleviate some of the effects of a lack of proper financial management and a historically blasé approach to general maintenance by the municipality, AfriForum Tzaneen have taken it upon themselves to donate five brand new stop signs to the GTM Traffic Department. The handover was initiated on Monday morning by AfriForum Tzaneen Head, Pieter Venter.

“It may appear to be a small gesture, but it is our way of addressing the bigger issues which lie dormant beneath the service delivery crisis,” Venter said. “There are good people that work at the municipality in every department. The trouble is that these good people do not have the right support in terms of financial backing. Often times they want to do the job, but they cannot because there simply is not enough funding made available to them.”

The problem with the stop signs in town for example, is a simple albeit rather comical one indeed. Each time a stop sign is run over by a truck or a drunk driver or for whatever other reason things like that happen, the GTM team replants the sign. This results in the gradual “shrinking” of the sign as the pole is straightened and replanted.

With the new signs, five intersections will now once again become a little safer. The only problem left for officials to concentrate on now, will be to actually enforce the law and fine those motorists who ignore these stop signs as if they were cooking instructions.

In the meantime, Afriforum Tzaneen has once again started clearing the powerlines as they did two years ago. Through the help of local tree feller and volunteer firefighter, Jaco Rautenbach and his team from Kingsland Farming, Afriforum is lending a hand to bring an end to the electrical woes of the Greater Tzaneen area.

— Jeff Jackson



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