R1.7m for Winter

07 November 2018  Read: 215


The winter fire season ended yesterday, and landowners can start burning again today.
The Letaba Fire Protection Association’s aerial resources consisting of two Huey Helicopters, two Spotter aeroplanes and three Aircraft Support Vehicles left the base yesterday on their way to assist in the Cape for their summer fire season.

Aerial fire-fighting amounted to R1.7m for the season.

Helicopter pilot Julian Moller flew on twelve fires for a total of 22.2 hours followed by Zayin Vermaak with 11.3 hours, Johann Pretorius with 5 hours, Matthew Cater with 2.6 hours and Charles Burger with only two hours.

On the Spotter pilot’s side, Herman Boersma flew 12.9 hours, Louw van der Merwe 9.6 hours, Siem Venter 9.2 hours and Ruan van der Westhuizen 3.6 hours.

The Helicopters dropped 176 litres of chemicals on the fires and the Aircraft Support Vehicles travelled more than 22 000km to refuel the helicopters during the season.

The Letaba Fire Protection Association wishes the pilots all the best for the coming season and also wants to thank all their members for their support, commitment and willingness to fight fires.



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