Bumper weekend for Christmas Market

06 December 2018  Read: 109


Haenertsburg was full of Christmas cheer with the Christmas Market at the Village Hall this past weekend. Stall holders came from all over the country to sell their wares. Complimentary cherries were given at the door to put everyone in the mood. On the other side was glühwein. For R30 customers were served got a full glass of glühwein and got to keep the tulip-shaped glass.

Christmas stockings, Christmas wreaths and mince pies set the tone amongst the other goodies on sale. A henna tattooist plus a permanent tattooist were also there. Organic henna was used. Once painted on Claudia Norton sprayed the artwork with a mixture of lemon juice and water. This all flaked off overnight leaving only a faint tattoo. However it darkened into a beautiful henna tattoo within some 60 hours to stay on for another nine days. Well worth the R50.



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