A women was startled by the presence of a shirtless, shoeless young African male in her home near Sugarloaf on Friday evening. According to a neighbour who was startled by the woman’s screams at around 19:30, the family were entertaining guests earlier that evening. When the guests had left and the woman returned to her home she was startled by the sight of an intruder in her house.

She let out a scream and the intruder fled. Members of the local security company patrolling the area and neighbourhood watch in the Arbor Park were notified and response teams searched the neighbourhood. During the search they reported hearing shots fired in the Park Street area. Many more volunteers joined the search which led them to Park Street and King Edward Street. After approximately two hours searching every yard in the area, the search was called off and the suspect escaped.

It is reported that the suspect is a notorious character who has been connected to numerous house robberies in the area for a number of months. His modus operandi is to enter homes and steal electronics before the occupants are aware of his presence. He is described as always being shirtless and never wearing shoes. Residents in the Arbor Park area are warned to ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked before retiring for the evening.


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