A 70-year old traditional healer (Sangoma) was brutally slaughtered by the community of Mopye village on Monday evening. This after she was accused of protecting her 24-year old grandson with witchcraft and muthi to enable him to continue terrorising the community. The grandson is reportedly linked to a number of rapes including that of a child in the area. The community and the police have allegedly been looking for the suspect for a number of months.

The tipping point was when a member of the community heard the old woman boasting that her grandson could never be arrested as she had empowered him with magic muthi. Armed with pangas and other melee weapons, the community formed a mob and headed to the old woman’s house.
At around 20:00 on Monday evening the angry mob forcefully entered the home of , Annah Mkhwanazi, dragged her out of the structure and viciously beat and stabbed her to death in the street. Her throat was slit from end to end.

A witness told Bulletin that when they noticed the angry mob entering the medicine woman’s home, they were afraid to confront them for fear of being assaulted themselves. They contacted the police instead. The witnesses further stated that eight hours after the killing, the first police vehicles arrived on the scene. The woman’s body lay naked in the middle of the street. She had been decapitated.

“The police told us that they could not respond to the call at the time of the incident as they were afraid that the community would overpower them as they did not have enough officers on duty at the station.”
Limpopo police spokesperson, Lt Col Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed the incident on Wednesday morning and said that the suspects involved in this matter were still unknown, and that no arrests have yet been made. Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects is requested to contact the police. He said police investigations are underway to determine how many cases the grandson of the victim was facing.



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