Marmari Pieterse, the Director of Sports at Unicorn Preparatory School, took on an adventure of a lifetime when she climbed Kilimanjaro. This gutsy Tzaneen resident successfully reached the highest peak in Africa.

Bulletin communicated with Pieterse after her summit where she shared this amazing feat with our readers whilst still in Tanzania before returning to South Africa.

“Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the most difficult challenges of my life. But I have made it, all the way to the top of The Roof of Africa of Mount Kilimanjaro”, said Pieterse.

She said it is an amazing and humbling experience that she will never forget.

“Emotionally it broke me, physically it challenged me, and spiritually it strengthened me”, was how she described this gruelling challenge.

“On the last day, with great enthusiasm and excitement, we were woken up with ginger tea. When then started to a ascent of 1200m and a six kilometre walk at midnight. We ascend a mountain face that I’m not sure you can ever prepare for”, said Pieterse.

She said little do you realise that those seven hours of straight up climbing will break any person in ways one didn’t know was possible.

“I prayed, cried and at times I just wanted to give up. But reaching the top and seeing the most beautiful sunrise made for an unforgettable experience”, she said proudly on her achievement.

Pieterse said she was part of an close group of companions who supported each other to ensure that they all made it to the summit as a unit.

“I reached the summit because of them. Without their support this climb would have been near impossible. Reaching the summit was a dream come true for me and to get back to the bottom safely was just as a large reward”, said Pieterse.



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