An extreme drinking binge at Nkowankowa Unit B after a big wedding, landed a local man in custody after traffic officers found that he exceeded the legal alcohol limit by seven times. He was immediately arrested by police and thrown into the cells. “A motorist was detained at Nkowankowa in Limpopo after being found with a blood alcohol content that was seven times more than the legal limit,” RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane said.

This follows the long holidays coupled with several functions that included tombstone unveilings and the wedding on Saturday which was even talked about in the early hours of Sunday due to the free flow of alcoholic beverages at the gathering. In another incident a man was arrested on the N1 near Westenburg in Capricorn after he was clocked speeding at 218 kilometres per hour.

In yet another incident involving the “Arrive Alive” campaign, a motorist and two foreign nationals were arrested while trying to bribe traffic officers on the road. “Driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding continues to be a major cause for concern. Motorists are therefore urged to observe the rules of the road all the time and traffic officers are commended for showing no mercy for those who break the rules of the road,” added Zwane.

The Nkowankowa suspects was due to appear in court at the Ritavi magistrate court on Tuesday morning. Zwane said that the majority were caught for driving under the influence of liquor, speeding, and for some outstanding warrants.” Since the festive season started, 1 600 motorists were arrested for traffic offences, 1 200 vehicles impounded for not being roadworthy, 600 taxis and busses were also impounded and 330 road blocks commissioned.



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