The provincial leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Limpopo will not be affected by the restructuring of the party. The restructuring was announced after the national congress, named the National People’s Assembly. This after it was blamed for non-performance during the election in May this year. The party’s leader, Julius Malema, said that all the provincial leaders would have to be deployed to the national campaign while the local elections in 2021 are to be led by new elected leaders.

 “We will never have a gathering like this again and we have to state this in front of the media because if we tell them to leave, they would say, Malema is a dictator and he had chased us away. But Limpopo PEC will not be disbanded because they would say they were attacked.”

Being the avid lover of his own voice, he continued by stating that the Eastern Cape had performed better than Limpopo and that this obvious observation will serve to confirm that the EFF is not a tribal organisation from Limpopo. “It shows we are wanted in other areas. We want to take the municipalities of Johannesburg, Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay and others because coalition politics proved that the ANC is no longer wanted in those areas.”

“It is not too hard for Mpumalanga to retain the official opposition,” he continued unabated. “In the North West, councillors of the ANC vote with the EFF and we are still defeated because of the holy ghost. New blood is sought to come and join us in parliament. With the 2021 elections coming, those who want to be councillors should go to the streets tomorrow so that when 2021 comes, the communities would not say that they do not know you.” When it was thought that he had finally concluded his address, Malema continued.

“We are not going to forward proportional councillors names during the local government elections as this allows others to take advantage of our hard work. We are going to only forward names of ward councillors and those that will get the highest votes after that of the ward councillors will be appointed proportional councillors.” Finally concluding the long address he said the party will, in January, mobilise against the banks, the financial services sector and the government for planning to privatize some of the state owned enterprises such as Eskom. He very confidently stated that his party would go to the ground and build structures that would take the way forward in view of the local government elections due in 18 months.




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