Members of the steering committee for the construction of the Moime-Khujwana access road have described the utterances by the provincial secretary of the African National Congress (ANC), Soviet Lekganyane that, to prove that locals and volunteers of the organisation are being taken care of, the local councillor had appointed a man from Khujwana to be the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) as misinformation.

Soviet was responding to an outcry from the ANCYL that veterans of the organisation are not taken care of by the deployees of the ANC which sent the wrong message to the communities. The message, they claim is clear that all might not be rosy in the party described by its own members as the “glorious movement”. Lekganyane admitted that veterans might not be taken care of and threw the blame at the door of councillors who handle community related appointments.

Steering committee member, Sabina Mocheki told Bulletin that the CLO for the project which recently folded its arms before the drainage system could be completed was not from Khujwana and instead resided at either Lenyenye or Moime. She said that the misinformation might be due to a briefing session with the provincial leadership before they addressed the community.

The matter emanated from a memorial service for a member of the Mkhonto We Sizwe military Veterans association (MKVA) at the Lenyenye community hall. Mocheki said though, it would not be wrong if the CLO did not come from Lenyenye as the project involved more than four villages, the assertion was not a reflection of the truth.

Former contract workers for the project confirmed that the CLO was not from Khujwana as Lekganyane claimed but from Lenyenye and not to mention that the appointment was politically motivated. The main task of the CLO is to serve as a link between the community and the contractor as well as to defend the workers against issues such as non-payment of wages and similar issues which may arise.

Attempts to obtain comment from Lekganyane were not successful by the time of going to print.

Lekganyane, in his speech became hostile towards councillors and accused them of not taking care of the volunteers of the ANC, but during the election they would be sought so they could help the party with garnering votes from people in remote areas. He also hit hard at corruption not excluding the corruptee and the corruptor.




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