The Limpopo Office of the Premier and the Department of Health have appealed to migrant workers mostly from the Gauteng province, not to undertake trips to the province in order to spreading the Covid-19 infections. This after Gauteng was declared the epicentre of the pandemic due to the high number of infections.

Government spokesperson, Kenneth Mathivha, said that the technical teams including the director generals are ready to ensure that nobody goes to work on Friday, except for essential services workers, and that there will be no non-essential services vehicles on the roads of the province. “We call on people from Gauteng Province that if it was possible, they do not come back to the Limpopo and if they do, they should expect to wait for a long time at road blocks until they have been tested.”

Mathivha reiterated that there will be nobody who will defy the orders of the president because the police had been given all the powers to deal with those who refuse to adhere to the lockdown and the prescribed restrictions. He said the province, being mostly rural in nature, is in a tight corner and where necessary the rights of citizens are to be limited for their own protection.

Health MEC Dr Phophi Ramathuba, said that migrant workers from Gauteng should not bother to return to the province in order to protect their loved ones from possible infections. “Those who will be coming home for the Easter holidays will be tested at the toll gates. When they cross into the province they are going to visit their elderly and their children, many of whom do not understand the effects of the outbreak and will not understand when people talk to them at a distance or with face masks.”

Ramathuba described Gauteng as the epicentre of the virus due to the high number of infections in the area. She said that if migrant workers return to the province, “that will not be showing love to those they might had left behind.” She added that all the toll gates will be closed so that visitors may be checked. The traffic of migrant workers is expected to increase after the lockdown lapsed on the 16th of April.



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