Tritech silver for Tzaneng

27 September 2017  Read: 379


Seven learners from Tsaneng secondary school, a farm school situated on the grounds of Westfalia, made history for being invited to participate, for the first time, in the very popular Tritech National Science Competition. It took place on Friday and Saturday 15 and 16 Sepetmber 2017 Hosted by the Tritech EXCO on the grounds of Merensky High school.

These seven learners worked in four groups and have identified two problems at school namely water wastage and unhygienic ambition facilities. Through rigorous experiments they found solutions to these problems Decricia Setshogoe and Muhle Ndlazi got a silver medal for finding a way to save 133 litres of water per day by using a more effective way for learners to wash hands at school. The other tree groups were rewarded bronze medals for their work: Faith Maginya found a way to save water while washing dishes, used at the feeding scheme, at school. Phetho Mahlo, Kamogelo Ramakgolo found a cost effective way to keep the school toilets hygienic and Kagiso Mahasha and Thabane Monyela found a good solition to unblock the pit toilets at school and keep them odour free. 

Through this competition the learners have gained valuable life skills and their projects had a positive impact on their school community.



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