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25 June 2018  Read: 528


It is said that the creative adult, is the child who survived. Well more children will now have a fair chance at survival through the efforts of a group of like-minded artist folk who have made their home in the foothills of Tzaneen.

The long history of the art campus on the grounds of Merensky High was revealed, honoured and laid to rest in the corridors of the brand new MDDK (Music Dance Drama Culture) centre during a gala ceremony there, on Tuesday evening.

The event was hosted by the architects of this new creative portal who also provided the entertainment for the evening through a well-constructed drama followed by beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston’s popular ‘I want to dance with somebody’.

The new home of all things magical will offer current and prospective Merensky students the opportunity to excel in a variety of drama and dance disciplines, learn to play the piano or guitar, learn to sing or play the violin, draw, paint or photograph the world around them.

Since its inception in 1993, the halls of the art academy has offered students a safe haven from where they are able to express themselves and pave the way ahead for a long and promising career in performing arts.

Under the leadership of Ms Mari Webber, the Merensky MDDK is ready to sculpt the creative futures of aspiring artists from across the region. For a closer look at the teachers and students of this campus, keep an eye on this newspaper in the weeks to come.




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