A Cat’s Tale by Unicorns

10 September 2018  Read: 615


We all have to learn to be brave in life at some point in time. In this year’s Intersen concert the grade 4 to 7 children of Unicorn Preparatory, portrayed the story of Johnny Smith (Nohah Jones) who learned to be brave by rescuing the alley cats in his neighbourhood.
The evil and wicked Mrs Catalina de Feline (Cayleigh Preece) caught the cats with the magic catnip perfume and wanted to use their tails as handbag slings for her new fashion designer handbags commissioned by the French fashionistas.  
Her special helpers Lazy and Lozer (played by Leyla Human and Klara Pretorius) lost their jobs as they did not support this venture.
Johnny was faced with difficulties getting his very busy parents’ (Asia Falleyn & Siraaj Omar) attention and was often bullied until he learned how to embrace his own inner strength.
It took a bunch of alley cats namely Macavity, Terry, Jenny Dots, Kitty, Coco and Kiki (played by Leo Peters, Zila Kruger, Keira Booth, Wanga Chauke, Yvonne Botha and Ntalo Mashimbye) to teach him how to embrace braveness and to stand up for what is right.
The police (Grade 6 boys) had to interfere and arrested the culprit (Mrs de Feline) and in the end Johnny received his heart’s desire to own his very own cat. Daniel Larson is the puppeteer who presents Johnny in the end with his life-like cat.
The wise owls (Grade 4 girls) are there to guide Johnny all along his journey on this exciting path. On Tuesday 4 September, a special matinee show was performed for all the grandparents in the school and on Thursday 6 September a gala evening was hosted. In the end everything worked out for the good for the cats, the boy and his parents.
The stage play was produced by Alida du Preez and Annriette van Wyk.



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