Gordon wins Mooketsi Seventy

31 October 2017  Read: 132


The seventh annual Mooketsi Mountain Bike Challenge took place this past Saturday and boasted a brand new venue at APC Camp in Mooketsi. The Mooketsi MTB Challenge is a qualifying event for Limpopo colours and is an officially sanctioned Limpopo Cycling event. The race caters for all levels of riders, from the serious cyclists, to the weekend warrior.

With more than 300 riders participating in the three respective races which included the 10km, 35km and 70km events, spectators were sure to enjoy the action as much as the riders. The 35km and 70km races for the more serious riders, were both designed by track specialist, Francois Theron from Advendurance.

This year it was Joshua Retief (15) and Tashane Ehlers (12) who crossed the finish line first in the 10km for the men and women categories respectively. Retief crossed the line in 31:17,60 which was two minutes and some change quicker than his nearest rival, Zineddine Mengouchi who finished in a time of 33:03,10.

Ehlers managed a very good time of 38:33,10 in a very tight race with second placed Anika du Toit who finished right on her heels in a time of 38:57,60.

Richard Lambert took top honours in the 35km race in a time of 1:30:53,20 just .5 splits of a second ahead of Sheldon Muller who crossed the line in 1:30:53,70. Anna Elisa Gutierrez finished first for the ladies in a time of 1:43:06.0.

The main event of the day, the 70km race, was won convincingly by Alan Gordon in two hours 57 minutes. His official time was recorded at 2:57:19,50. Melanie Melville took the win for the ladies overall with her time of 3:48:57.1.



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