Archers fair well in Pretoria

16 May 2018  Read: 42


Merensky’s Archery club participated in the two day prestigious African Bowhunting Organization’s (ABO) Triple Crown Leg 2 - 3Di competition at Wildcrete in Pretoria on 5 and 6 May.

This may sound like Greek to the uninitiated, but has been described as one of the toughest competitions in archery. Competitors are divided into groups of between four and nine competitors, and sent into the field in what is known as a 3-Di event.

During this competition the shooters aim at mock-animal targets as they would appear in their natural environment and are scored based on their grouping on the target. This is slightly more challenging than the traditional archery target shooting as it forces the archers to navigate rocky and often uneven terrain loaded with shrubbery, trees and outcrops which obscure their view.  The targets are placed over distances ranging between 13 and 50 meters and archers compete according to draw, weight, sex and age.

Both of Merensky’s teams claimed positions in the schools league and boast a host of individual achievements. The se-cond team, consisting of Rohan Wewege, Armand Wiers, Ashley Hunt and Rikus Faurie claimed a 4th place ,while Merensky’s first team: Lin-Mari Theron, Sean Hunt and Canell Jackson, obtained a podium 2nd in the tournament. Martin Mostert, Rikus Faurie and Benèche Jackson shot their personal best scores during the competition.

The following archers obtained provincial qualifying scores: Sean Hunt (x2), Lin-Mari Theron (x2), Benèche Jackson (x1), Martin Mostert (x1) and Dawie Theron (x1).

There was no disappointing in the medal earning category as coach Dawie Theron claimed a sought after gold to prove that the Merensky Club is trained by the best.  Silver medals were awarded to Lin-Mari Theron, Sean Hunt and Benèche Jackson, while Martin Mostert and Canéll Jackson bagged the bronze.




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