Unicorns visit Annies

22 May 2018  Read: 222


On Thursday, the 3rd of May, Unicorn Preparatory School participated in away netball matches against Dr Annecke Primary in Letsitele. Though, for the youngsters of both schools, it’s not always about winning matches, Unicorn was delighted with the three out of seven victories they chalked up during the day’s plays.

By sticking to basics, the teams played a clean, more consistent game of netball which helped achieve those crucial turnovers and goal conversions. Final scores were U10 A won 15-3, U10B won 15-1, U11 lost 5-2, U12 A lost 15-0, U12B drew 7-7, U13A lost 19-7 and U13B lost 13-5.




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